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Princess Makeup Spa Salon


Hi, we are happy because today will open a spa salon. We had a lot of work for the inauguration to be a perfect one and finally we will have the first client. We need your help, you have to watch everything come out as planned. Your first client will be a princess, it must go to a ball and will come to our salon to receive the care she needs. She wants to relax and become the most beautiful princess. This princess makeup game is exactly what you need in this beautiful day, you can have fun very well and even make many friends. Surely you always want to look good when you go out with your friends and for this reason we know that this makeover game for girls gives you the opportunity to learn many tricks of beauty. We want our beauty salon to become the best in town and only a correct administration will fulfill our dream. You are the person we need, certainly you are a responsible kid that can lead to end a mission.If you want to make happy the beautiful princess you have to be very attentive to details and instructions that we have prepared especially for you.Success!- In the beginning you have to go to the castle;- You will find that it is very nice;- Mia is in the garden with a prince;- He invites her at prom;- Now princess needs your help to look perfect;- You'll have to help her choose a dress;- Now she can go to a tailor shop;- On the way Mia wants to shop;- You must buy: sugar, eggs, flour, candy, milk and baking powder;- Now Mia feels tired and wants to go to the spa;- You will need to apply an exfoliating gel to cleanse the skin;- Rinse with warm water;- Eliminate acne;- Clip the eyebrows;- Apply a moisturizer;- Fill the tub with hot water;- Add rose petals;- Wash her hair with shampoo for dry hair;- Dry her hair;- Now you need to take care of her hands;- Wash hands with soap for sensitive skin;- Apply a moisturizer;- Hands look very good;- Arrange hair;- Help her choose the most interesting accessories;- Ball began the prince is very happy that she accepted the invitation;- The two want to eat cake;- All night dancing and finally prince invites Mia into the park;- The next day the two go out for a walk in the park, he gives flowers and a ring;- You're a wonderful friend.
Thanks for your help, please come back every day through this game for kids.
Have fun!